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Rare Refrigerator Request
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Last week everyone in our building received the following email message from the building manager:

"Can someone please take their refrigerator that is defrosting out of the 1st floor men's room?"

That just seemed worth sharing.

And in other consideration...

You what one of the most annoying things about living in New York is? When you have to pick a state from a drop-down menu in a web form, you cannot get to it just by hitting "n" on the keyboard, because there are too many "n" states.

Even if you can type "ne" or "new" fast enough to jump down in the menu, you still get other states. Living in California, you just hit "c" and bada-bing, you get the right state. I want to rename this state to start with a unique letter, or at least "Na York" so it's first on the list.

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