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Today at work our whole group received a new assignment, to be done in four weeks: set up a web site that contains a constantly running video, so when someone connects they see whatever's playing at the time it's playing.

We were told in no uncertain terms that our opinions about this project are not wanted. Why four weeks? That's when the boss returns from vacation.

Given that only a few weeks ago the boss told us at our retreat that he was not the expert and that he relied on us for our opinions on technology, etc., it's almost a slap in the face today.

We - all of us - feel this whole idea does not make sense. Who is it these days that tunes in at a specific time and day on a computer to watch a recorded video about some particular topic *especially* when the same video is available (and has been for a while) to be viewed whenever someone wants it?

[shakes head]

Despite the initial emotional response we'll get it done. My biggest concern is that we'll be laughed at for this effort by people on campus who feel as we do. But perhaps we'll be able to find some ways to improve the idea and have them accepted as well.

And in other news...

We heard today about that counter-offer we made last week. Of course the lack of reply had left us wondering whether we should have accepted the offer, which was low but better than nothing. It turns out that the buyers thought our counter was reasonable, but they could not line up their financing. That's guilt relief there.

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