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For your daily dose of parody that's too close to home, check out designing a stop sign by committee.

Yesterday our contractors installed the GSHP piping. They brought in a large backhoe and put in eight six-foot-deep trenches running down into our meadow. The area covered by the piping is about twice the size of our property in California. Kelley apparently quite enjoyed watching the backhoe tearing up our field. The whole area is now exposed soil and rock, and we'll probably go plant some late-summer crops in it.

We're now waiting for the GSHP itself to arrive; it should be here in a couple of weeks. That will take a couple more days to install in the basement: remove old furnace, put GSHP in place, hook it up to the pipes from the field, hook it up to the existing ductwork, hook up the thermostat, test it all.

The CA house closing's going forward. The home inspection resulted in a request for a 5-digit credit toward a number of items, which after much deliberation we have decided to not counter. More on that after closing occurs, now set for Sept. 8th.

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