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Labor Day
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Labor Day's for working, right? Right!

Lots of stuff done yesterday...

We took out a hideous light from our entranceway and replaced it with an Ikea chandelier. We intended the latter for our dining room, like we had in California, but this model's use of both electric lights and candles included components made it too long to hang over our table. Luckily it works well in this spot. Thus, we still have to find something for the dining room and also for the guest bathroom.

We found a good deal on cut and split wood so we ordered four face-cords and they delivered it today. I moved the pile into our woodshed. This will serve well for backup if we lose power during the winter or just want the ambiance of running our wood stove with its front door open (like a fireplace).

The previous owners of this place built a butt-ugly large lean-to out of scrap metal sheeting from the neighbors' collapsed barn and some pressboard out along our upper driveway right where everyone sees it as they arrive. Thanks, losers. Thanks for the chance to use the new reciprocating saw! Woot! Nice toy! No more shed!

The little shed closest to the house has been Kelley's playhouse for some time. Today we started the plan to make it more colorful. Grandma and Kelley applied primer to about half of the outside. This will help reduce the weathering and allow a good base for a more colorful place for Kelley to enjoy her time outside. Stay tuned for more photos as we bring that place up to a girl's standards.

We drained another 30 or so gallons of oil from the fuel tanks in the basement. Gave some away, sent email to everyone I work with hoping someone would want it, but no luck there. No sign of it stopping yet.

The old and the new.

The unpainted playhouse.

Applying primer.

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