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Hurricane Ike
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We had quite the windstorm last night, apparently resulting from Ike heading up through the country. Jenny (our wind turbine generator) made a few nickles for us.

What really irks me about hurricane coverage is the media's use of the verb "to brave," as when someone stays behind to brave the storm. That glorifies stupidity.

When the US official forecast uses the term "certain death" as it did this time, and people say things like (as I read) "It's just a bunch of wind and rain" then the media plays to the idiots.

The media should use the term "to stupid," as in "those idiots think they can stupid the storm and ride out its worst despite mandatory evacuation orders." There's a fine line between bravery and stupidity. Anyone who chooses to stay behind in a hurricane isn't brave - they're stupid.

And of course today we read about those fine examples of wise people clamoring for rescue, food, and water - endangering rescue workers and costing taxpayers money for their own selfishness, nay, stupidity.

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