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Our California house sale closed yesterday. The proceeds have found their way into our bank account. Today is a happy day.

We ended up with only a ridiculous amount of money instead of a ludicrous amount, as might have happened if we had sold at the top of the hill a year ago.

Here's the Zillow graph of our house's theoretical value.

Anyway, in the current environment, we breathed a huge sigh of relief that this closing actually went through, and we'll take our half million while we can get it and call ourselves lucky enough.

It's extremely tempting to start shopping for stocks and buy a bunch of them while the big sale's on. It's also very tempting to pay off the mortgage on the new place. We need to look at numbers and figure out what to do now.

Tonight we open and enjoy the champagne!

PS. I'm secretly pleased that we sold the house to some Armenians. The day before we left, our small-minded neighbor came and told us how he really hoped we would not sell to Armenians.

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