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Daddy's First MRI
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Last fall I "blew out" my right shoulder while playing volleyball. I've re-injured it, apparently, in February and again this summer, each time after resting it for what seemed to be long enough.

At the moment it generates enough pain that it disrupts daily activities to the extent that something has to be done. When you have to reconsider which arm to use to pick up your child, enough's enough. Thus, we ran the shoulder through an MRI machine this morning to try to figure out what's causing the problem. A couple more days to get the results and we can go from there.

Lying in that machine might cause some folks to freak out: you lie on a table that slides you into a tube where there is very little room. While it does its magic you hear loud sounds: jackhammering, pounding, machine-guns, all that kind of thing. The technicians gave me headphones playing music to drown most of it out and it wasn't bad at all; I even dozed off for part of the half-hour experience.

It seems likely that we're talking about surgery but perhaps only physical therapy or rest will be needed. I hope it does not require non-computer use.

Kelley at the playground on Sunday.

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