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One of the problems with digital cameras is that they cost nothing to use, making it far too easy to overwhelm oneself with photos.

Until now I've been roughly categorizing images into folders with labels such as "Kelley," "Pets," and "House."

That system of organization doesn't work well when the picture has Kelley and Zero in front of the house.

It's worse now with two kids!

Anyway, I've let my Flickr account with Kelley pics languish for a few months as a result. Sorry about that.

In an effort to overcome the problem of photo organization, I've spent a lot of time a couple of weeks ago consolidating all my digital photos - back to the year 2000 - into folders labeled with year and month numbers.

All the photos were then loaded into Adobe Lightroom, a photo organizer program that allows them to be have keywords attached. Thus, one image can have "Kelley," "Zero," and "house" labels, and can be found easily and automatically by date (the photos themselves have this encoded by the camera).

While I have not yet keyworded very many of my photos, I will slowly work backward to do so as time and energy allow.

In the meanwhile, I have posted Kelley photos and others on Flickr, catching up from May through present.

Henceforward I plan to update more frequently with fewer photos, and throw up other images of likely interest to viewers.

Oh, and for those curious to know how many digital photos I have on file... over 30,000.

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