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Armor is Heavy
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Almost no one's here at work today to admire my medieval outfit: full chainmail hauberk for the body and coif for the head; solid metal leg and hand armor; another solid metal helmet; sword and shield.

I clank a lot as I walk around.

Even more-so while doing push-ups and jumping jacks.

Fridays are sword-class days so I wore the whole kit and kaboodle over there as well. I had intended to take it off, but I did the opposite of wimping out: I had to prove to my classmates that it's no big deal to do all the warm-up exercises and stretches even with an additional 60 pounds or more of armor.

A few pieces were shed during the course of the next hour - this stuff's rather warm - but all the mail and leg armor stayed on.

Too bad the main instructor was out sick today!

Zac's cell-phone photo.

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