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A Sigh of Relief
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Well that's that, finally, and what a relief. Obama did it, and I have a renewed sense of faith in and hope for this country (or at least most of it).

Not that everything will be peaches and cream going forward, but to have a leader that is both intelligent and eloquent cannot but be better than the alternative, who promotes fear and despises those better qualities.

It makes me sad to know Obama's grandmother died a day before her grandson made even more history.

At the moment I'm awaiting his victory speech, here at home on my computer. We're live-streaming the feed from the Obama web site since we don't have a TV.

I had considered trying to find some public place to hang out to watch the returns, but decided on a quiet night after not thinking of a suitably appropriate place and not having a babysitter available.

Voting this morning, here in Harford, on the way to work took all of about five minutes: no line; very few items on the ballot (no huge list of initiatives as usual in California); no problem with name matches.

Off to see the man now!

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