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Back in 1997 we decommission our fish tank and took it with us to California where it never saw the light of day and remained in its special shipping box for the last ten years. We never had space to set it up and no reason to get rid of it. So back it came this summer for re-use in the new house.

We set it up this weekend and Kelley has quite enjoyed watching and feeding the four mollies we bought to put in it. We chose a quartet with enough variation that she could easily tell them apart: orange, black, white, and black-and-white spotted.

While in the pet store I also found the perfect tank ornament: a WWII-era warship with large holes in its hull. Some of the mollies swim in and out and through the silly thing and Kelley squeals with delight when they do.

Kelley's first up-close fish.

Celia's too.

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