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After months of delays with the hosting (server) environment for the campus events calendar project that has been my primary task at work, it's still not ready. At this point, as a result, it appears that we'll have to put off launching our new system until after next spring semester. Of course this comes as a great disappointment to us and a big let-down to our client.

While we continue to await final delivery of our infrastructure, I'll be working to implement an entire new set of interactive maps for the site. At the moment we're still offering only large static images and providing written generalized driving directions to campus. It's certainly not what's expected on web sites these days, especially from a major university.

The new maps, then, that I'll be developing and expect to have done before the new year will be based on Google's modern mapping offerings. I'll be setting up an easy-to-use system not only to overlay various points of interest, such as public parking areas and dining units, but I'll also tie in our existing database of units, such as departments, research centers, etc.

People will be able to quickly and easily find anything they want, in any way they want it. If they type the name of the department, for example, the map will automatically shift to center on its home building, zoom down to it, and show specific driving directions from any place. Conversely, if someone selects a particular building on the map, they will see a list of all the departments or other organizations in there and an accompanying list of their web sites.

Once we have the maps up and running, which will be a huge publicity win for us, I'll be tying the events listings back into them so that when we do have the calendar complete any given event listing will not only indicate where it's taking place, but will also show a map and provide directions on how to get there.

Oh, and of course all the new full-screen, high-res panos that I've been creating will be linked to the map as well.

This stuff is fun. It's what I *do*.

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