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Thanks, Santa!
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Yay for a White Christmas!

Kelley's favorite new toy: a Brio train set (aka Thomas the Train), which has a wooden track system with knob/keyhole joiners as well as anthropomorphic engines sporting magnetic car connectors. It's an ingenious system whose components are remarkably expensive. Luckily Shelley found a couple large sacks of track and some accessories in a second-hand baby-stuff store for cheap, and further offset the cost through sales of outgrown baby clothes.

Kelley also received a digital camera, which some clever soul figured to make toddler-friendly by not having a single-eye view finder as on a big-person camera, but by having separate view finders for each eye. Kelley's pretty good at aiming the thing and shooting what she intended. We've not yet tried uploading anything from it yet, but she's having a grand time with it.

For Mommy, Santa brought a Flip Mino, which is a very small and extremely easy-to-use video camera, and a Roku Netflix player, which is a small, solid-state, wireless box that streams Netflix instant-play movies straight to a TV (or, as in our case, a projector and sound system). With more than 12,000 movies and TV shows available for streaming, there's quite a bit to watch on it. There's no extra fee for running the box, either, but it does require a computer to mark titles for viewing on it.

Daddy received several months' worth of fiddle lessons from a local instructor who specializes in Scottish and Irish fiddle. He attended the first one today and has two pieces to memorize for next time, as well as proper form to work on. Yikes!

In addition, Mommy's also promising to finish Daddy's vest, which she's knitting for him. She's a bit behind because of some unexpected work-at-home days caused by recent snowstorms. It should be noted that working on such a project in front of a three-year-old and hiding it and telling her it's a secret from Daddy just as he gets home from shopping is not the best way to actually ensure it stays a secret... at least not for longer than it takes for the three-year-old to proclaim that Mommy's working on a secret sweater as soon as Daddy comes up the stairs!


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