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"Help me, Trent."

1 Jenn (mail) (web)
12:16 pm, Sep 12, 2003 MST
Um, I suggest cutting your ears off. Or maybe filling them with hot wax. If that doesn't work, get someone else to do it for you.

You have my sympathies.
2 erin (mail)
12:18 pm, Sep 12, 2003 MST
You have my sympathies as well. Although I'm glad I can't say that to you in person, because I'm giggling, and I think that would spoil the effect. But I really am sympathetic.
3 Kenny (mail) (web)
12:29 pm, Sep 12, 2003 MST
... again ... Greg says you have no edge. I'm thinking maybe you carry the majority of the edge in the family and he's just jealous because he's obviously incorrect.

If Trent Reznor is not able to help, may I suggest Zach De La Rocha and a little Rage Against the Machine?
4 Heather (mail) (web)
12:35 pm, Sep 12, 2003 MST
And if Kenny's suggestions don't work, a little Ministry might do the trick.

Sympathies. We have a 200 disc changer set on random in the office here, and when a song comes on one of us doesn't like, we just get up and have it skip to the next one; luckily, we all seem to have pretty similar taste in music.
5 lisa (mail)
12:42 pm, Sep 12, 2003 MST
I'm a firm believer in headphones myself, since most of my music has language that, well, doesn't fit my image around here. :)

All of the Rage Against the Machine is at home, but I'm well-stocked with NIN.

Let's see - Greg likes Dave Matthews, Lisa likes NIN. Edge to Lisa!
6 Greg (mail)
3:16 pm, Sep 12, 2003 MST
Um, I happen to like NIN, and the Rage Against the Machine CD's you refer to were selected and purchased by, um, me, and I sold it when we were poor, but I believe the Ministry in our collection was also selected and purchased by, um, me.

Edge to Greg!
7 lisa (mail)
3:26 pm, Sep 12, 2003 MST
Um, we still have some Rage Against the Machine because I purchased some recently, and you still like Dave Matthews, who is as unedgy as possible.

Edge to Lisa!
8 Greg (mail)
3:53 pm, Sep 12, 2003 MST
You really wanna play this game, dear? Okay.

I got two words for you: Copa Cabana.

Edge irrefutably infinity times infinity to Greg.
9 lisa (mail)
4:03 pm, Sep 12, 2003 MST
I never liked that song.

Two words for you: Fleetwood Mac

I still love you, though.
10 Greg (mail)
4:16 pm, Sep 12, 2003 MST
Lindsey Buckingham happens to be a very good guitarist.

I love you, too. You're okay, I guess.
11 Kirsten
4:48 pm, Sep 12, 2003 MST
Don't you two go banging at each other with edges, now...
12 Greg (mail)
4:52 pm, Sep 12, 2003 MST
Actually I've got the rest of the Rage here with me at work. Should I bring it home?
13 lisa (mail)
9:11 pm, Sep 12, 2003 MST
Gee, Greg, I would never have expected you to "Rage" at work. Tee-hee.
14 Kenny (mail) (web)
11:58 pm, Sep 12, 2003 MST

I started a fight... I started a fight... *snickers*
15 Aaron
10:17 pm, Sep 13, 2003 MST
Both of you fighting...that's not edgy, that's CUTE!


And I would now say "edge to Aaron", but I know I have no edge...I'm dull and blunt, like a log.
16 lisa (mail)
12:41 am, Sep 14, 2003 MST
You're not dull, Aaron. More soft and cuddly, I'd say.

We fight, we fight, we fight fight fight fight fight....
17 Rachel Heslin (mail) (web)
11:05 am, Sep 17, 2003 MST
I know I'm late to the discussion, but I thought it very cool when I found out this weekend that Johnny Cash's last video, "Hurt," (which is a very powerful piece of music and imagery) is a Trent Reznor song.
18 lisa (mail)
11:23 am, Sep 17, 2003 MST
I bought that Johnny Cash CD because of the cover of "Hurt". Not as good as the NIN, but still very good.
19 4 (mail) (web)
12:51 am, Sep 7, 2006 MST
20 enfant Florence (mail) (web)
8:53 am, Nov 10, 2006 MST
enfant Florence
21 cassava Zaragoza (mail) (web)
3:26 am, Nov 27, 2006 MST
cassava Zaragoza
22 game cube (mail) (web)
8:52 am, Jan 14, 2007 MST
game cube
23 unneighbourly Salzburg (mail) (web)
1:01 am, Jan 30, 2007 MST
unneighbourly Salzburg

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