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-- Lon Prater
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wild day


-I've done laundry
-Cleaned my upstairs "office"
-Found some stuff Rice was looking for
-Had some breakfast
-Got Avadore some breakfast
-Played with Avadore
-Made a HUGE salad for lunch
-Avadore and I ate perhaps a quarter of said salad
-Bathed Avadore for the first time today (He usually ends up with a couple of these each day)
-Chased after the menagerie
-Read email
-Considered responding to email
-Read some journals and stuff forwarded to me
-Read the news
-Was depressed and annoyed with the cost of the day's festivities in Washington, DC, and wished that something productive had been done with the money spent

And now I'm watching the rest of the day barrel towards me, which will probably involve:

-Finishing laundry
-Making my bed with clean sheets
-Studing a bit of Latin and so forth
-Answering emails
-Making dinner
-Watching some of Broken Saints with Rice
-Going to a Pampered Chef party (which I am not looking forward to)

Exciting, isn't it? Aren't you glad you asked?

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