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writing group etiquette/practices

Recently I have been invited to join a new writing group. I have been in one of my current ones for about a year now. (I belong to two, one of which is Critters, which I'm pretty happy with.)

The new group that has, er, "propositioned" me (don't read anything into that) is geared for people who are dedicated, responsible, and serious about writing. As in this ain't no hobby anymore, sister.

I am so tempted. So, so, so tempted.

So what's the problem? I cannot participate in the group I've been with for a year and this new one -- I have to make a choice.

What is the proper way of saying to a group, "Thanks for all the fish and everything, but I'm going to try this other group?" What is proper etiquette in this sort of situation? How do writer group obligations work? Is there any one right way of doing things or does it depend on the group? I want to be ethical, considerate and do the right thing and have very little experience in this area.

The group I've been in for a year has just restructured. We had five members, two of which just left for "greener pastures", as it were. They did not specifically point this out to the group as a whole, but in chatting with them "behind the scenes", that's essentially the case. One of them referred this other group to me. After the two left, we picked up three more writers within the last two weeks. They may be very excellent writers, great companionship, etc., I just don't know. Just before the other two left and we restructured, I said, "Alright -- I'm here, there's been some slacking, let's get rolling." So in a sense I may be obligated to hang out for a while.

But I really have no clue.

Any insights?

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