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-- Lon Prater
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kaleidoscope perspective

Rice and I watched Before Sunrise together. He'd never seen it. I saw it in 1995.

It's still a great movie, but because I'm different, older, and so much has happened in the last ten years, it was almost like a different movie.

The characters, Jesse and Celine, are so young -- so cynical on the one hand and optimistic on the other. I used to be like that. Rice used to be like that. And now we've found ourselves more in the middle.

And in a sense everyday is like that for me. I'll see or feel things one way one day, and it will have shifted the next. The same colors may be there, some of the same shapes, but the pattern is different, the view is different. But it's all still beautiful.

We'll be watching Before Sunset next. It's the sequel to Before Sunrise, set ten years later. I'm afraid I'm going to relate more to the thirty-somethings in that movie than to the twenty-somethings in the first film. But then, that's probably how it should be.

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