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the orange soda stuff

Today was my glucose tolerance blood test.

What this means is that today, after fasting for at least three hours, my OB wanted me to drink 50 grams of orange flavored sugar to see what my blood sugar would do in an hour. My appointment was at 9:30, which means that since I got up at 7:30, I was up too late to eat anything this morning.

So, I drink the stuff at 9:30 this morning, have my OB appointment, and then hang out while my blood sugar freaks out.

Now, I tend to have blood sugar issues anyway. If I don't eat right, e.g. regularly and so on, my blood sugar goes crazy and Bad Things Happen. I've occasionally passed out, though not for several years. My grandmother has hypoglycemia, as did her father, so perhaps there's some association there.

Anyway. I do okay for the first half an hour. And then my body begins to lose it. I haven't eaten for at least fifteen hours, I'm seven months pregnant, and have these issues anyway.

I wandered around, got some fresh air, and finally they took my blood to see if it's spiked above 140 and if I'm anemic, among other things.

And then I began to worry. What if I have gestational diabetes? What if I'm anemic? What if, what if, what if. Usually I'm a fairly rational person, but not with the sugar, lack of food and hormones. Nope -- now I'm Crazy Pregnant Woman. There's superpowers that come with being Crazy Pregnant Woman. Powers you don't want to imagine. Like Superman, there is something that will lessen my powers, and that's a turkey sandwich.

I got out of dodge and grabbed some real food. And then I ate some more real food. My blood sugar is still wacky. I'm still feeling crummy. I'd really like to go lie down, so perhaps I shall.

I don't recall having this bad of a reaction the last time I was pregnant, but then, I'd probably only fasted for the prescribed three hours since my appointments tended to be in the afternoon.

I'm such a numbskull.

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