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What a day.

I woke up with this awful headache that only grew in intensity as the morning progressed. This could be due to the bright light that seemed to permeate the whole house, the bouncy, happy, energetic three-year-old, and the wild and crazy dog. Or it could just be karma. Or hormones.

So I went back to bed. And then tried to get up. A lot. And it didn't work.

Finally, Rice showed up, felt sorry for me and called a really good friend of ours. She took Avadore for the day and I went back to bed until about 4:30. I talked to her then to see how everything was going. Avadore was still taking his nap, so I went back to bed, too. About 6:30, I got up, tried to make dinner (I actually burned it about three steps in, which is something I just don't do -- and this wasn't an unfamiliar curry recipe; I make it a lot), made dinner, realized I probably shouldn't drive(when cooking becomes a problem for me, I probably shouldn't be operating heavy machinery :)), and Rice and I went to get Avadore. He'd been a very good kid and had a great time.

I have such good friends.

In any event, I dream about Avadore and taking care of him all afternoon. But I felt a lot better when I woke up. I can feel the headache coming on again, so it's time to take some OTC drugs the OB okayed and hit the sack. Tomorrow is another busy day, and I have a kid to take care of.

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