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SCS reading and one big family (together again)

Last night was the official Scattered, Covered, Smothered reading. I wish I could have attended, but NC is a long way from Idaho, for one, and I'm still pretty sick, for two. In any event, it looked like it was a great time and would have been a neat thing to attend.

And in the land of the sick:

My husband's uncle, the GP, said it sounds like we have the 'flu, so who knows... In any event, we should expect to be under the weather until sometime in the middle or end of next week.

The in-laws brought Avadore home tonight. They offered to keep him, if necessary, but we're doing better than we were and they do have day jobs, after all. They also said if they needed to they'd come back for him.

They did, however, bring him back sick. This is why the GP uncle got involved. The MIL nurse called her brother the doc to say, "This kid has a temp of 101.9 F. His parents have these symptoms. What do you suggest?" Then she called us to see if we wanted her to follow his advice. He's an excellent doctor, so you know, duh.

The poor kid is not feeling well, but he doesn't seem to be as sick as we were. I hope that remains true. I'm also grateful that it seems that we're on the mend as he goes down. I can't imagine it going the other way around.

And Winter is moving out Wednesday. He's been staying with his girlfriend for the past week and was coming home today until we called and said, "You so do not want what we've got." So he's staying there and at his mom's until Wednesday, then he'll get his stuff and that will be it in terms of the houseguest relationship.

I washed my bed and pajamas this evening so it would be comfortable and free of excess germs and now I think the last pieces (my quilt and favorite pajamas) are done. Time for bed.

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