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robert cormier and dropping babies

I'm having a bit of a hard time getting back into the writing thing. It's sort of a strange experience, actually, but I have faith that I'll come around. Essentially what I think needs to be done is I need to read some Robert Cormier. There's something about his writing that gets me writing, too. I figure this journal is a good start, though. And I have some stories that need to be sent out, so that's something else to do.

It was a beautiful day today. Rice, Avadore and I went out for a bit and enjoyed the sun. J-Spot and his girlfriend (he says she's not, that they broke up years ago, but she's effectively his chick :)) stopped by for a few hours today. They were in a car accident recently and aren't allowed to work (doc's orders and work's orders), and they've got a good case of cabin fever going on. We put our feet up and had a good visit. Avadore was really glad to see J-Spot again. It's been a long time, and J-Spot was almost like a third parent to Avadore for the first couple years of life.

The kid has descended into my pelvis, suddenly making all sorts of things uncomfortable. I can't bend down, for example. Avadore didn't drop until a week or two before he was born. I could deal with that. My mother said that this kid would probably drop earlier than Avi did; that's how these things work. I wasn't expecting it to be this soon, however. This is going to be a long six weeks...

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