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-- Lon Prater
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tight in there

I am almost 35 weeks pregnant. The child is measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Avadore did the same thing. It's really uncomfortable, particularly at the end...

My friend is still at Behavioral Health, which isn't a suprise, though I think she's a little surprised. She's finally, thankfully, decided she's there for some psychologically-related issues and not because of the 'flu.

She called this morning to see if I'd give her a ride home today around 11-ish -- she'd let me know. She hasn't called back yet, however, and that was many hours ago. I'll have to give her a call, though I suppose she's not coming home today. Behavioral Health has a habit (at least with other friends in the past) of telling them (other friends) they were going home on a certain day and then keeping them for another 2 or 3, telling them they were going home, keeping them longer... And then finally they go home.

It's been a gray, rainy day out. Perfect for relaxing, doing household chores, consuming warm things and cuddling up.

Tonight is for some writing. And for some reading, perhaps. I've read some good books this year. Maybe one of these days I'll post a list.

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