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I'm not quite sure what it is, hormones probably, but I'm having a really bad day. Forget getting up on the wrong side of the bed, I think I went to bed on the wrong side. I should back up about twelve hours and start all over again.

Or something. It's really hard to say.

In other news, check this out.

I'm curious to see what happens, if we ever find out. While I was in school, people were constantly plagiarizing and having having other people write their papers. Even when the professor found out about it, very little was done, if anything at all. For example, the linguist in the Department of Anthropology once had a student who wrote an academic term paper on The Book of Mormon and whatever the class was on. Now, this is anthropology and the prof is a post-modernist -- all belief systems are valid, right? Sure, unless you're using said text as a sort of a scientific document, a source instead of as a document to analyze, etc., which is what the paper did.

The professor called the student on it, saying that his use of The Book of Mormon was inappropriate for the paper he wrote. This is when the guy tells the prof that the reason the paper was so flawed was because his wife wrote it. That's right -- way to go, Einstein. And what came of it? Absolutely nothing. He may have had to actually write his own paper; I really can't recall anymore.

And this is all making me even more grumpy. Maybe I need to just mainline some dark chocoalte.

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