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tense day and flash fic

Maybe it's the weather, maybe we were due, maybe it's the lack of ice cream in the house, but every single one of us (except the dog), including the cat, is incredibly tense and uptight today. It's one of those days where very little goes right and every little thing just pretty much is this far away [] from pissing you completely off. And we're still working really hard to be kind and patient and loving with each other. Strange how this works.

The writing on a short story that I've been stuck on for a while is going well today. I woke up this morning with ideas and thoughts concerning it, knowing it would be a much better writing day than I've had in a while. I'm grateful for the small things.

In other writing-related news, I wrote my first official piece of flash fiction this weekend. I may have messed up, however. I wrote a piece that was about 1,000 words that really wasn't too bad. Then I went in and edited and edited until it's just over 500 words. Now it's missing some nice word play and descriptions -- it's just the story's bare bones. Oh yeah, I didn't save the original 1,000 word one (like an idiot), I saved the just over 500 word one. My question is this -- is this the correct way to go about it? Or is it okay to have one that's about 1,000 words (depending on the definition and requirements one is using) if it has some nice descriptive bits that really aren't essential to the plot of the story?

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