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-- Lon Prater
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I woke up at seven this morning to find that it had actually snowed, like, a lot. Like there's accumulation and it looks like winter everywhere except for under the big pine tree in the back yard where there's no snow and the snow in the tree may be melting.

I got up, turned on the heat, made some herbal tea, read the news, and am now here, with you, before I have to run and get ready for my OB appointment. That's right, kiddies. This is probably the last one. This time next week I'll be prepping to go the hospital to have this kid.

I spent Monday moving rooms around, though I'm leaving the heavy work for Rice. One thing I did was to take my bedroom writing/study area and moved it into the baby's room. It's only a small writing desk, a bookshelf, and a cart/bookshelf thing, so if I don't like it, it's not a big deal to move elsewhere. Because Monday was pretty physical, I spent most of yesterday resting my body, but using my mind. I read a bunch of Mircea Eliade, which really got my brain going in terms of applying the mythological structures he's describing to different aspects of my own culture. So, it was a light day, really, intellectually, a fun day, yet still stimulating.

Last night I made enchilaadas, finished prep for manticotti for tonight, and made a giant pot of chili. A good portion of all these things will end up in the freezer, but in the meantime, we have most if not all of our dinners covered for a few nights. WHOOO! This means I'll have a bit more time to do some other things, e.g. bake or make desserts (e.g. peach crips sweetened with orange juice), study, write, hang with the kid a bit extra, or whatever else needs to be done during this final week.

I'm trying to enjoy and cherish this time. Though I'm excited for what's to come, I know that soon my life is going to be changing and the life I love so much will never be the same.

And oh yeah, I'm now on Rice's gluten-free diet...

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