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fox and what are you smoking?

So, almost two weeks after LD was born we had to come down south from my in-laws to take him to the doc for his first appointment. While in the area we were going to meet J-Spot for dinner.

While hashing out plans, J-Spot pointed out a very interesting observation: William was a very common name on The X-Files. Scully and Mulder's dads were named William, Mulder's middle name was William, Scully named her and Mulder's baby William...

So this is why J-Spot calls LD "Fox". And it's catching on among our friends. Rice is horrified. I think it's just pretty darn funny.

And no, I didn't intentionally name my child in homage to The X-Files, no matter how good a show it was.

Last night I dream I was with my great friend Kevin, whom I miss terribly. Kevin is currently in Iraq working on a concrete room underground and that's all he can say. Of course, Kevin is in Intelligence. In any event, we were hanging at Neil Gaiman's house in Salt Lake City talking to his mother-in-law (Gaiman's) while wearing our underwear and trying to cover ourselves with a big blanket.

That's right. You've probably often wondered what I'm smoking. And you know what? I'd like to know myself...

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