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over the limit

Memory 39 suggested I post a comment I left in his journal over here. It was in response to a post he made concerning speeding in Virgina, which is evidently a Very Bad Idea.


About a month after I got my driver's license (at 16) I was pulled over in Rupert, Idaho for going 25 1/2 miles in a 25 mile an hour zone.

After the police officer informed me what the problem was, I got out of the car and pleaded with him not to give me a ticket, "Please, officer -- I promise I'll never to it again!" (I did a lot of drama in my youth.) I was trying really hard not to laugh, knowing what a joke it was to get pulled over for this specific infraction.

The office told me to get back in the car and asked to see my license and registration and all those sorts of things. No biggie, right?

Uh huh.

My dad had a tendency to occasionally borrow my car. Evidently, he'd recently borrowed it and been driving around with his good friend -- the sherriff of the county across the river -- because in my glove compartment were a ton of the sherrif's really, really big bullets. (The reason for this is another story entirely.) My heart sank. As far as I know, it's not a crime to have bullets in one's car, and this was back in '92 before Columbine, etc., but this guy was also pulling me over for driving 1/2 mile over the speed limit.

I hid the bullets under the passenger seat while the officer went back to his car and hoped he wouldn't find them.

He sent me on my way with a warning. I got lucky. I had a friend who got a ticket for turning on her lights one evening at about dusk just after she'd started her car. Another friend was given a ticket for having an open soda in her car (open container laws -- it's not just for beer anymore).

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