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el futuro

This morning, while taking care of LD and talking to him like some insane person ("Who's the cutest little baby in the whole world? Who's the most adorable little baby?" etc.) I was also multitasking and considering how, through our journals and online associations, we're watching the future being formed.

For example, because I write and like to read about other writers, I tend to keep up on other writers' journals. I suspect there will be a time when these people who I've been reading will have become our big name writers. And I suspect it will be the same for the musicians, the artists, and so forth.

And I would imagine, at the future day, when biographers are studying the lives they're writing about, the blogs/journals will be an important resource.

Well, that is unless Depression 2.0 does come through and there's not a lot of internet access by ye olde Bob on the 'net. In which case, there prolly won't be a lot of computer use by moi, so I wouldn't continue to watch the future unfold online.

Depression 2.0 prep: I'd better start stockpiling paper and pens. Unless anyone knows how to acquire an old typewriter, in which case I'd better start stockpiling ribbons along with my pens and paper. :)

But let's just avoid that Depression 2.0 scenerio, shall we?

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