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rice pudding

Rice pudding for breakfast. Not the lazy take previously cooked rice and pour milk over, add condiments and mix sort. No, this is the actual stuff that involves cooking and stoves and things (other than just the initial rice cooking). Rice pudding is one of the best things on earth.

Heard from an old friend Sunday. He is the reason I first met Rice (over the phone) and he was with me when I had my first conversation with Rice (we didn't realize at the time we'd spoken on the phone). I haven't seen my friend for years. He's currently in Iraq. It turns out his wife and three children live a few blocks away. (I'm not sure he knows this yet). I'll be emailing him today. I haven't replied because I want to take some time when I write. He's asked that if anything happens to him that I look after his wife. Lots of thought about these things over the weekend, particularly since I can't promise I'll still be here in the next few months...

Avadore spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. That wasn't the plan originally. Originally, Grandma and Grandpa were just coming to visit Thursday, but Avadore begged and begged and finally Grandma relented. (Grandpa kept saying, "Why don't we want to take him with us?" Avadore went to work for an hour with Grandpa Friday. They had a smashing good time. Grandpa got Avadore a piece of paper, a pen, a calculator and a bottle of water. Avadore had the time of his life. He's still carrying the water bottle around.

The in-laws also took Avadore to the zoo on Saturday and got him a Happy Meal. He had a great weekend.

Rice and I used the time wisely to rest. We vegged and watched The Fisher King and the director's cut commentary for Donnie Darko, which just convinced me even more that an artist shouldn't, in general, talk about his or her own work. AGH!

And now I'm here with rice pudding.

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