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question for writers, publishers, editors...

There is a particular writer that I've been reading since the mid-80's. Initially, I read the writer's work in a small 'zine. Later, the writer began to appear in the major publications, e.g. Asimov's, and anthologies. The writer has also had a collection of his/her stories published. In the back of the collection is a bibliography of where the stories first appeared. Places like Asimov's and The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy are listed, but I know (because I still have the copies of the small 'zine) that they first appeared in the small 'zine.

How does that work?

If the writer changed a few words in the story (which I'm not positive happened, but could be the case, I haven't checked it out), could he/she "resell" first rights to the bigger guns and call that the stories' first run? Or is the writer playing sneaky and believing that Gordon or whoever didn't read the place of original publication?

Not that it truly matters one way or the other, but I must admit that I'm quite curious as to how this all works.

And in way cool news, Tim Pratt's Little Gods, Nick Mamatas' Move Under Ground, and Jeff VanderMeer's City of Saints and Madmen all came in today.

Lots of reading to do, ya'll.

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