Electric Grandmother

Maggie Croft's Personal Journal young spirit, wire-wrapped
spark electric grandmother
arc against the night

-- Lon Prater
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Snippits from A____'s biography that he wrote for one of his professors:

After noting where he lives, what he studies, and where he works, A_____ wrote:

"I am 22, small, plain, badly nearsighted, and sometimes terse to the point of being abrupt.

"I am interested in a variety of things: politics, technology (computer technology in particular, naturally), literature, philosophy, and electronic engineering (not necessarily in that order). What I know about any of these
things is, of course, another matter. My knowledge/ experience/expertise ranges from sparse to impressive, with gaps in apparently unrelated places. This is partly due to my chaotic upbringing, partly to lack of discipline.

"I am kind, forgiving, understanding, generous, flexible, tenacious,humorous, objective, fair, appreciative of quality, and sometimes wise.

"I am perfectionistic, inadvertantly impolite, sarcastic, critical, defeatist, insecure, prone to procrastination, opinionated, and speak too quietly almost all the time.

"Some of these are good, some bad, some neither, and several are contradictory.

"I hope this is helpful."

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