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-- Lon Prater
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more thoughts on the current state of literature and co.

Because of how my time works, every week I divide up my online reading. So, for example, I'll read one thing from Strange Horizons on most days of the week. That's why, when I would have included this article in my little musing yesterday, I didn't, so here it is today:

A View from Outside: A Genre Conversation with Yoshio Kobayashi and Christopher Barzak.

Interesting stuff. It will be interesting to see what happens, where things go. ************************************************************

I've been reading Nick Mamatas' Move Under Ground. I think I would have loved this as a teenager, if it had been written then. When I was a teenager I read lots of Lovecraft and the beat writers, e.g. Kerouac. Kerouac was the man -- On the Road, Big Sur -- yeah, he was it, Daddy-o. *************************************************************

I was a strange Idaho teenager. I introduced my highschool to Lovecraft. The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward was creepy stuff...

Actually, to say that I introduced Lovecraft to my highschool isn't entirely accurate. He'd been there before -- my dad and one of my uncles had read him and they'd gone to the same high school. But no one my age knew him. I remember when I found a guy who also read Hesse. That was remarkable. *********************************************************

Someday if I ever have disposable cash, I'm going to start buying books that ye old small town high school student wouldn't normally find and leave them around in libraries and locker rooms. People like Lovecraft, Hesse, and Kelly Link. I think the teenage years would be a wild time to read Kelly Link.

Hmmmmm... Kelly Link while on weed. That's an interesting thought. (In my high school, drugs are very plentiful and common. The area where I grew up has even appeared in High Times. The stoners love me. "Where are you from?" I tell them. "Woah! Right on! You guys have the best weed!" Well, we have everything else, too.) The teeny boppers could pass a bong, wax poetic and do some lit crit on Kelly Link while hanging out north in Minidoka... What a thought.

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