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-- Lon Prater
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such a vision

J-Spot showed up this morning for a brief visit on his way to visit our parents.

He walked in the door, all six-foot-two of him, the top portion of his hair bleached, wrap-around sunglasses, a Mega Tokyo tee shirt, a large white girdle, long khaki shorts, a white One wrist band and sandles.

He wouldn't let me take a picture.

If he were in Japan, he'd be starting a fashion movement.


The Ecuadorian sister of a Belgian friend of Rice's is coming to visit next week. During her stay, we'll be taking her down to Salt Lake. Lots to do. So much to do. Get the house ready, get stuff together, get Avi ready to stay with J-Spot and his grandparents, etc., etc., etc.

And I just want to sit around and play with the kids and read. I just want to be lazy and sip limeade.

I know. I'm lazy.

BTW, anyone have any good vegetarian recipes they'd like to share?


Two great names from today's junk mail:

Boris Miranda
Mohammed Hood


Avadore in my lap, snuggling, while listening to Ernie (Jim Henson) singing "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon."

These are the moments that make me remember why I had kids.

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