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-- Lon Prater
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Today we're preparing for a visitor from Ecuador.

When Rice was in Belgium a couple of years ago, he made friends with a Belgian who was originally from Ecuador. Earlier this year, the Belgian/Ecuadorian friend called to see if Rice would help his younger Ecuadorian sister come to the states to attend college for a semester and improve her business English so she could attend school in Belgium.

Rice worked with one of the state colleges and etc., etc.

In any event, tomorrow Rice is driving almost 4 hours to pick her up and bring her here. We're going to spend a couple of days down south in Salt Lake and then come back here. Rice will take her home Sunday night and then come back himself.

Lots of driving and excitement for us, but Rice feels that the Belgian/Ecuadorian brother did so much for him (e.g. dropping everything on a Sunday afternoon to take a man he'd just met to a different country to find a grave -- Rice's step-grandfather that died in WWII -- and then taking him home for dinner, among other things.) Also, the sister seems like a nice lady and it's an excuse for a vacation. Visit some bookstores. Eat some sushi, maybe some Greek.

In any event, there won't be a lot from me for the next few days. I hope you can all cope :).

In writing news, I heard from the editor I mentioned yesterday. In the next week or two he'll go through my story, track some changes and send them to me, which I will accept or reject.

The editor's letter and email have been very nice, complimentary and positive, but I'm such a cautious person :D. I always think, "Eh -- this might not work out. He might change his mind and decide he doesn't like the story." Maybe that makes me a pessimist :). Either way, I'm rarely dissapointed.

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