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Been thinking a lot today about Katrina and the people who are being affected.

Events like this usually bother me a great deal, but so often they occur on such a mass scale that my little brain just can't wrap around the vastness.

Usually, however, I don't know or have any contact or interaction or way to see how those who are in the middle of such events are being affected.

But the internet is changing that.

Diana has evacuated, as has Poppy Z. Brite, and they post about it on their journals. I am sure they're not the only ones.

For those who don't know, Brite has a tendency to collect animals, e.g. tons o' cats and she used to (and may still have) a snake, I believe. She rescues animals that need a home. And now she had to leave most of them to die.

The whole thing just breaks a person's heart.

They've estimated that about 80% of New Orleans evacuated the city and I've heard Katrina wasn't as bad as first expected. So I suppose it's better than it could been, and that's at least something.

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