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-- Lon Prater
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properties of hyperspace

Did you know that disintigration is a property of hyperspace?

I didn't either...

Been watching the first disk of The Tomorrow People's first episodes. (The one from the seventies, not the nineties.) ****************************************************

We had a nice weekend here. Rice's aunt and her honey stopped by for a while Saturday. (Incidentally, he asked if I had "read all these books". Just in case anyone is keeping tally has often this occurs. It's happened at least twice in the last month.) We had a nice visit and then they were on their way.

My contract also arrived Saturday. I'll be sending that back to the publisher tomorrrow.

Yesterday was a pretty normal Sunday around here. We did have quite the fire behind us yesterday, however. I'm quite sensitive to smoke, so my allergies were kicking in yesterday evening and have been really annoying today. ******************************************************

So here I sit, updating, with my herbal tea with milk and honey, hoping it will sooth my throat (those allergies again), and preparing to make some art -- some good art, hopefully. ********************************************************

It's question and answer time, kiddies. What books, movies, tv shows, comics, games, etc. that are coming out soon are you excited about. Which ones (which have already been released) are you excited about?

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