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tenebre facte sunt

When I was in high school choir we sang an a capella song in Latin titled "Tenebre Facte Sunt".

None of us spoke any Latin so none of us knew what we were singing about. Well, except the Polish Catholic foreign exchange student. But all she said was that the song was about the Crucifixion.

Well, friends and neighbors, here are the words in Latin and the translation:

(That's right, I still remember the whole song; we had to memorize it.)

Tenebre facte sunt cum crucifix issent.
Ihesum Iudei et circa horam nonam exclamavit.
Ihesus voce magna.
Deus meus deus meus ut quid dere liquisti me
Et inclinato capite emisit spiritum.
Tunc unus militum lancea latus eius aperuit et continuo exivit sanguis et aqua.
Cum ergo accepisset acetum dixit consummatum est et continuo pater noster

So, this is the translation:

There is darkness when the Jews crucify Christ.
Around the ninth hour he cries out to God.
Bowing his head, he gives up the ghost.
A soldier pierces his side with a spear.
Blood and water flow from the wound.
When Christ has received the vinegar, he says,
"It is finished."

There are mistakes there, probably, I promise.

However, that's not the point - this is the point: We sang very happy music in choir in high school.

That's right, friends and neighbors, this is why I always write such bright and shiny happy people sort of stuff now.

Ok, I admit, it was a really beautiful song.

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