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nancy drew

It's a funny thing. Nancy Drew just popped up in my squee comments section (not by me) after I spent a good amount of time thinking about her last week.

That's right, I'm twenty-nine years old, have no daughters and I think about Nancy Drew.

Actually, it was a result of Kelly Link's "The Girl Detective", which you should all read if you have any nostalgia for Nancy Drew, the twelve dancing princesses, or Ceres and Persephone, or if you just like Kelly Link. Currently Kelly has the entire text of Stranger Things Happen online under the Creative Commons License, which just rocks. The collection can be found here."The Girl Detective" is the last story.

In any event, after thinking about Nancy and George and Bess and Hannah and Ned and Carson (and how in the world I remembered everyone's names and stuff about them and plot lines and cars etc., etc., etc., and it seems to me that the narrator in TGD sleeps with George, which no one else seems to mention), I began to wonder why in the world I don't write mysteries? I also read all of the Cherry Ames books. Cherry Ames rocked, and she aged, for crying out loud -- her lived actually evolved.

But here I am, writing spec. fic. -- sci fi and horror and fantasy and stuff in the middle. I mean, I try to write about a nice little family on food stamps and next thing I know they're on the moon. What's up with that?

In any event, excuse the rant. Move along now, nothing to see here, unless you're here for the Kelly Link link...

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