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-- Lon Prater
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So I'm writing this story about a French werewolf.

And we're playing the name game. (Insert cheesy gameshow elevator music here.) "That's right everybody, time to play name your antagoneesst." (Cut music.)

Loup is a French name which, of course, means "wolf". A fine, subtle name for the antogonist. So I start by using that as his first name, but then decide maybe d'Loup should be his last name, so I decide to name him Adam. Is found in France and means "man" essentially, so the dude's name is man the wolf when translated. Not subtle, but it's dark fantasy/horror, so who says it needs to be subtle ;P?

And then I decide maybe not Adam, maybe I'll name him Loup and find another last name. I do a global search and replace for Adam and Loup. Suddenly his name is... that's right, friends and neighbors ... Loup d'Loup.


This means we're done writing for the day. But we have about 2k done, which is a fine start.

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