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dreams, links, and other things

Last night I dream I took a college class in French. I took French in high school and one semester in college from the stellar foreign language department and the most amazing French teacher. (There is a great deal of sarcasm here.)

In any event, I was speaking French in my dream, correctly. (I can analyze what I was saying now that I'm awake and say, "Woah! What part of the brain was I tapping in to?") In any event, Bill Murray was also in the class, though sort of in disguise. We were supposed to get up in front of the class and do some readings in pairs. He was my partner. So that no one would know he was he had a hat on and turned his back to the class. The whole time I was trying to figure out how to tell him how much I enjoyed Lost in Translation, but never found the time without giving his identity away. Then we were out of class and in another part of the world (a combination of Japan and Mexico) hiking. I had other dreams I recall from last night, but this will do for now.

Some links courtesy of Rice, who really should update his blog:

Some fabulous pictures from China
Some funnay.

In terms of my post from yesterday, thanks to everyone who responded.

You've given me more to think about.

And to pare down my concern a little bit, due to my educational/professional background, I'm very aware of the Native American concerns with people (particularly anthropologists and artists -- so maybe writers, too) who use their culture for their purposes, like making money or a career. I spent so much time trying to be sensitive to their wishes as an anthropologist, it's hard for me to not continue to be aware and be concerned.

Listening to jazz this morning, and some stuff from some of the members of The Buena Vista Social Club. Good, good stuff. Vader is on my shoulder telling me I need a raspberry cream cheese croissant and cocoa to go with my music, musings, and the writing that will eventually happen today. :) I will, of course, not be partaking of the croissant.

In other exciting news:

Glass Soup will soon be released. Of course, there's also Anansi Boys, which was released yesterday.

Much reading goodness ahead.

And congratulations to Jonathan Lethem who had a big Mac fall on his head.

Seriously, when I was an anthrogeek, I can't tell you how many people I knew dream of having the Big Mac fall from the sky and land in their laps.

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