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red cake

A few weeks ago Avadore asked if we could make a blue cake. So we make a lemon cake with blue food coloring and a lemon glaze. It was good, but it didn't last.

Yesterday he asked if we could make a red cake. It was almost bed time so I told him, "Maybe tomorrow." It was about mid-morning today when he asked, again, for the red cake. So we made a red velvet cake. Actually, it's more of a dusty rose. In my experience, only crazy people feed their kid that much red food coloring. So we made the cake and it's quite sweet, as red velvet cake tends to be. But it's pretty good and Avadore was excited and had a fun time putting the flour in the bowl and counting how many eggs we used and that sort of thing.

When we were done, Avadore was covered in red and dusty rose batter. This is why, when we cook together, I make him get mostly naked. Thankfully, no one has called CPS on my mostly naked three-year-old chef.

I'm also learning that a good portion of the time, when Avadore wants to cook something, it's not because he wants to eat it. No. He just wants to cook it. He may or may not eat some of it, but that's an entirely separate thing.

I've started getting critiques for "The Quest for the Pipe". The first one suggested I could turn it into an action script for Hollywood and went on to suggest how I could do it. The horrifying thing is that this particular Critter is right... (This is the Electric Grandmother slamming her head against her keyboard.)

I have more comments concerning this particular short story, but there are other things to do than obsess about my short story and the critiques it's getting (*Gasp*) and all the people in Texas and Louisiana and the state of the nation...

I know, you're all horribly shocked.

Does anyone need some red velvet cake?

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