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-- Lon Prater
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reading material

Lots of good online fiction this week:

First I direct you to Strange Horizons where a new Theodora Goss story is up.

Also, SciFiction has a new Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold story to share.

My new writing group compatriots, the Allusionists, are also submitting some great stories. It utterly blows my mind. I am in the company of some mighty fine writers. I'm not quite sure what in the world I'm doing in there with them, to be perfectly honest, but I'm hoping they don't find me out and take back the invitation to be a part of them -- I think I can learn a great deal from them. It's very, very rare that I have read a story to crit and thought, "Wow -- yeah, there's stuff that could be better (isn't there always?), but I could have just read this in a magazine." Mary Robinette Kowal (who just had a story accepted at Strange Horizons and will appear in the All Star Twenty Epics anthology from David Moles and Susan Marie-Groppi) is another writer who always submits fine, high quality stories for critique.

A couple of the Allusionists attended Orson Scott Card's Bootcamp this summer and have been kind enough to share the stories they wrote there with the rest of us. When I have some spare time I have some good reading ahead of me.

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