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in which i enter the twilight zone

Tim Pratt has put up his new site for his novel The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl. It looks very cool and I'm excited for its release. Under the Creative Commons license he's also posted a new story: "Bluebeard and the White Buffalo: A Rangergirl Yarn", which I just read for the first time (this will become important in a moment) and quite enjoyed.

So this is where it gets, um, a little creepy for me:

(Addendum: Just in case, a good portion of what follows is tongue and cheek. And please check out the comments section. This could be your interesting reading/commenting for the week :).)

I wrote a new short story in September called "Quest for the Pipe". That's right -- it's got a white buffalo and White Buffalo Calf Woman and involves some of the same prophecies Pratt's story deals with. And oh yeah, I just finished "Hair of Silver, Beard of Blood" a week ago from July of 2004 which is about, um, yeah, Bluebeard who's name is Gilles. (I almost named him Gilles de Rais, but then didn't... You may recall my previous entry about Loup d'Loup.) Needless to say, both stories are still quite fresh for me.

At least they were separate stories.

Sigh. I thought I was being original, but instead I'm approximating one of the best spec fic (IMO) fantasy writers we have before I even read his story.

And of course his tale is so much better :D. (Sigh...)

There's a story here, isn't there?

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