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-- Lon Prater
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fall dinner

Waiting for the final bits of dinner to finish cooking: vegetable/tomato sauce, rice, and pears poached in orange juice with cinnamon and vanilla.

This is truly one of the best times of year. It's warm inside, chilly outside, the house is full of good fall smells, and we're all together. Bach is playing on the radio and the finish to a fine evening awaits me.

I've been contemplating spirituality and writing a lot lately, particularly today. Every so often I evaluate my life and reflect on what I'm doing and where I'm going and if I'm happy with it, or if I feel I'm wasting the small amount of time to live I've been granted.

I may regret the online quizzes I take while feeding William and decompressing :).

It was a beautiful fall day today -- not too hot and not too cool -- perfect to take the boys for a walk, particularly William. My boys both have endured really intense cases of eczema while babies. While they're young it means that I don't go out during the summer or the winter a lot with them. It's the mild days we get to wait for and enjoy.

These are the precious days, the days to enjoy and savor -- there's too few of them and they pass too quickly.

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