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-- Lon Prater
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halloween prep

Last night I took Avadore to acquire a Halloween costume. This is the first year he's really getting dressed up and going trick-or-treating, and he's not quite sure what exactly to think about it.

Yesterday a neighbor lent him her copy of Casper, which I hadn't seen since the summer of 1995 when it came out. It's mostly cute, particularly the beginning with Father Guido Sarducci and Dan Ackroyd, but eventually the screenplay became a bit frustrating for me.

Isn't it enough that I critique novels and short stories now? Must I do this to movies, too?

So tonight is Halloween festivities and the final preparations before Rice moves north. We're all a little sad, and this is darkening the Halloween fun a little bit. Still, we're trying to find joy in the holiday, especially for Avadore.

Also, I love Daylight Savings Time. Woohoo for that extra hour!

And tomorrow I start to write a novel. Or something.

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