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-- Lon Prater
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how to produce many, many words a day

How to write pages and pages of crappy, but potentially compelling upon rewrite, novel:

1) Lose the husband,
2) Take the kid to jump on a trampoline and other activities for an hour and then send off to play alone for two, repeat,
3) Make huge batches of food that last for meals and meals,
4) Mark "not available" on IM's,
5) Love the Dew,
6) Figure out plot and other activities while folding laundry and doing dishes is also useful; doing it while falling asleep doesn't work when you crash once you hit the pillow,
7) Type like crazy, even if you know it's crap,
8) Get up early,
9) Lose the social life, and
10)Embrace your insanity

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