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A few exciting snippits from the last few days:

Rice left me with a pina colada orange. Oh yea.

Some friends stopped by last night with a bag of Hershey Kisses all for me, just in case.

Been cooking lots of lovely things in mass quantities. I'm not sure who I am expecting to come and help me eat it... Coxie's Army?

I've lost 1 1/2 to 2 pounds since Rice left. (Still taking off the last of the baby weight.)

If you'll recall Avadore's and my discussion about taking LD back a few days ago... A couple days ago we were in the store. Avadore lifted LD's blanket from his car seat so the woman behind us in the check-out line could see him. Avadore said to her, "Dis is William. He's my brudder. My mom got him for me."
The lady said, "Your mother must love you very much."

Last night Avadore told me his first and second lie. Ever. He has a tendency to turn on the reading lights on the rearview mirror. This can, of course, run the battery down. Exactly what I want to happen while Rice is gone. After doing it for the second time last night I told him if he did it again punishment would be involved, yadda, yadda. He did it again. When I confronted him about it he said he didn't do it -- he said LD did. ??? Yeah, he was punished.

This morning Avadore comes to me, "Mom -- I sorry I turn on lights in car." He was very penitant about the whole thing.

Much more to write about, but no time. I have to take LD to get weighed today. (I was supposed to take him in last week, but they didn't have time to weigh him. Grrr. Hope the doc's not pissed. NMF.) I have a library book to return. I have a kitchen to do some touching up on, some laundry to put away, some lightbulbs to buy for Avadore's room, etc. And there's this NaNoWriMo thing... Sigh, and I may shower in there somewhere :D.

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