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spawn of satan update

I was at a dinner last night. I hadn't taken Avadore to the nursery yet and he and I were hanging out in the kitchen. Spawn of Satan woman stopped by and said hi. She said to Avadore, "I should have brought (insert evil child's name here) to play with you." Avadore said, "No, I don't want to play with (insert evil child's name here)." But Avaodore is a bit delayed with his speech and he's hard to understand, so she didn't catch what he said.

Then she told me that her son said that he was playing with Avi's broken car and Avi took it away and wouldn't let him play with it. A little more elaborate than that, but that's the upshot. Essentially that her son was playing with a BROKEN toy and my son wouldn't let him have it and took it away while her kid had it. What wasn't mentioned was that 1) It had broken and Avi had just fixed it and was playing with it himself, 2) the other kid took it, thus breaking it again, and 3) Avi took it back after the kid broke it. Then I took it so we could fix it.

I didn't think that it was the right environment to tell her all about it and I didn't think she cared so I said, "It was something like that."

The lady who had also babysat this kid and the other kid the Spawn of Satan babysits was right there. She give me a look like, "Can you believe this?"

This and many other things I'd better not post here = a very grumpy evening.

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