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memories for the future SO

Evidently Avadore has been taking hits off of the Lighthouse Bleu Cheese Vinaigrette salad dresssing.
I was taking the garbage out this afternoon. While I was out fighting with a pine tree and the garbage can, Avadore took his clothes off and decided to come outside. I told him to get back inside -- he was naked and it was pretty cold outside. (I also refrained from laughing until he wasn't around.) He ran back inside and then came out in his underwear. In the meantime, the neighbor's dog, Pedro, had run into the neighbor's yard. Pedro's owner's girlfriend was yelling, "Pedro! Get back here!" Avadore doesn't miss much and had just gotten outside when he called, "Pedro! You better go inside! You naked!"
I need to collect a book of memories to pull out when Avadore starts dating.

Lots of ruminations on writing today while I cleaned and did laundry and other housewife necessities. I thought about my issues and my bad habits and some of my problems I need to work through.

I have tried to write the last couple of days, but was absolutely blocked, and couldn't really get anything out. I don't know why. So I stashed what I was trying to work on and pulled out the Paperdoll novel. I hit the hole, and then Avadore wanted a snack. Such is life.

I have also been thinking about one of my writing groups. There's some fine writers in there, particularly the lady who initiated it. She is an excellent writer, truly. And she tells a good story. And I'm learning from some of them. And that's good. But I don't, I don't know, feel a lot of dedication or solidarity or something. Some people have made some really cutting comments in their critiques (for other people, not for me except for once, but it was funny, so I laughed it off) that I didn't feel were appropriate. I think there's a couple members who don't get along the best and it shows up in their critiques.

I'm not in this group for the social aspect. I'm in it to improve my writing. But if it were also a support system where it felt like the other members were actually pulling for one another, well, that wouldn't break my heart.

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