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-- Lon Prater
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So I was sitting here, taking care of the baby, wondering why I was so annoyed with everything. And then I realized I hadn't exactly gotten around to eating today.

So I ate a little, and I feel a bit better.

And then I realized that at least I tend to have running water and other such modern conveniences and that there's so many people who don't have such things. And that, from the sounds of things up the street, I'll hopefully have water tonight or tomorrow. I mean, for crying out loud look at the people who live in the Gulf Coast area.

I'm such a whiner.

Anyway, yes -- the dog found the cat and the cat is now hiding under the bed. He is not amused.

And I have a date tomorrow night. We talking dinner and a movie. It should be a good time. But in the wisdom of Bonnie Hunt, I'll probably not shave my legs -- I don't want this to go too far, you know. It kept her a virgin until, well, you know.

Also, Avadore is running around with the beagle saying things like, "Good boy! Come on boy! Stay boy!", etc. She just runs along and wags her tail.

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